How To Unblock Facebook

If you are looking for the best way to unblock Facebook I recommend that you try the service at as this is the most efficient way I found that can really unblock Facebook without installing anything on your computer.

I find it quite amazing that in 2017 some parts of the world are still blocked from getting information. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Why would a government block information? The only reason they have is that they want to hide the truth, I don’t see any other reason.

Anyway, how does proxy center work and why is it so good? There are many reasons that made me like this service besides being the only one that really solved my problem.

1. It has a free trial. They all claim to have a free trial but this one really does. When some company says they will help me unblock Facebook and for the free trial they ask for my credit card how can that be a free trial? free is free and in this case, they didn’t ask for anything before they let me in.

2. It is secure. All the navigation on their service is done on https and this showed me that they understand what security means. Some other sites that I have checked claim to be secure but show all pages in http instead of https. If you say you are secure, show it to me right away!

3a. It can do Facebook Chat. 3b. It can upload photos. There are 2 things I needed: chat and photos. The rest could wait till I get home. Securitales was the only service that I found that could do Facebook Chat and Photo Upload.

4. I don’t like to install new software on my computer. It happened so many times that I installed new applications and something stopped working that today I do my best not to install ANYTHING. Securitales could unblock Facebook without installing anything on my computer. I don’t need more than that!

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